Partial Arts - Taifa

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  • On their Trauermusik and Telescope EPs, Ewan Pearson and Al Usher, AKA Partial Arts, produced some of the most quintessentially "Kompakt" music ever to appear on the label. Warm, rolling basslines, gorgeous melodic synths and rushing atmospheric touches dominated both releases, and despite the long hiatus (Telescope came out in January 2008), Taifa fits neatly beside them. The title track announces itself magisterially with percussive clicks and wailing, Eastern-tinged pads. A sleepy bassline and fuzzy key pattern then kick in to form the core of this seductive, undulating ride, adorned along the way by winsome chimes and bleeps. As is normally the case with remixes of Partial Arts, The Emperor Machine nods towards the floor in ways the original doesn't. A thudding kick and scurrying hats set the scene, with croaky bass and keys completing a characteristically peak-time-friendly number. There are no surprises here, but neither is there anything that any Partial Arts or Emperor Machine fan could reasonably complain about.
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      A1 Taifa B1 Taifa (Emperor Machine Extended Mix)