Royer - Tough Questions

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  • Royer's Tasteful Nudes debut is only his second EP, but it feels like the work of a scene stalwart. As he showed on his debut, Skokie Intruder, the Copenhagen-based Frenchman has a canny ear for a sample. The organ lick that roles through the title track sounds like something Andrés would loop for hours, bleached and out of focus as though seen through a heat haze. It evokes memories of early evenings on European beaches, preparing to party but not wanting to get up just yet. Elsewhere things push on a little later into the night. There's a touch of MCDE to the sonorous low-end in "Grid Like" and "Us." Both flicker with organs and drums that sound like they've been salvaged from a charity shop bin. The EP's highlight is "Morning Thea," which could be a forgotten Theo Parrish cut. It has a loping bassline that sounds like it's being banged out by an upright bass player in a smoke-filled jazz club. It's a rump-shaking track with the same nebulous air found elsewhere on the EP, giving it a sense of narcotic-induced oddness.
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      A1 Tough Questions A2 Us B1 Morning Thea B2 Grid Like