Mr Jones - Reality Check

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  • Mr Jones is a relative newcomer, but he's been welcomed into the techno fraternity by one of its longest-serving dons. After meeting Dave Clarke at a music conference in Utrecht, the pair joined forces as _Unsubscribe_ for the old hand's first studio time in half a decade. Since then they've remixed Ben Sims and Boys Noize, and dropped an original release on Houndstooth. That collaboration sounded, perhaps unsurprisingly considering the pair's mismatched experience, a lot like Dave Clarke. Solo, Mr Jones gets much rougher. Both originals swap _Unsubscribe_'s main-room stomp for something more brooding. The opening two minutes of "Reality Check" are like some leviathan rising, the synths unfurling like enormous limbs. When the beat drops it's into a Plaster-like miasma of growling subs. The fog clears slightly on "Under The Radar," where distorted toms ring out into seemingly infinite space. It's no less tough, but here it's the kick that carries the weight, thudding away beneath as synths moan and whine. It's a visceral listen that offers more to the body than the ear. Both remixes toughen up tracks that seemed tough enough already. AnD's take on "Under The Radar" is all choked alarm bells and distortion, with offbeat kicks you could mistake for Shed's punishing handiwork. Inigo Kennedy's take on "Reality Check" feels more dated, barrelling out of the gates at approaching 140 BPM with blaring synths and thumping drums. This is music for only the darkest clubs.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Reality Check A2 Under The Radar B1 Under The Radar (AnD Remix) B2 Reality Check (Inigo Kennedy Remix)