Lake People - Night Drive

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  • With its three EPs so far, Guy Gerber's Rumours label looks like it's shaping up to be Innervisions-lite, offering the same sumptuous sounds but none of the anthemic qualities (at least not yet). The label's third release, from German up-and-comer Lake People, is probably its best, but everything about it feels a little lacking. With cinematic reverb and a teasing melody, "Night Drive" could have been a perfect Ibiza smash, but it's hesitant in all the places it should let loose. It's opening-set fodder: the lead sounds like a gently strummed harp and never grows beyond a murmur. The flipside, "No Turning Back," shows better arrangement skills, using a delicate piano loop as a base to build and build and build. We end up at an ornate array of strings, smoothed-out synthesizers and other little touches that flow smooth as silk, which is a nice enough place to be. Lake People might have the production values down pat, but he needs to work on making his songs memorable—and really, you could say the same for Rumours at this point.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Night Drive B1 No Turning Back