Various - Raw Code / Sister Remixes

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  • The queue of artists lining up to remix tracks from Pev, Kowton and Asusu's Livity Sound compilation shows no sign of abating with this 12-inch helmed by Surgeon and Nick Höppner. Surgeon takes on "Raw Code" by Pev and Kowton, inarguably one of the finest tracks on Livity Sound, while Höppner tackles Asusu's "Sister," another standout from the stellar 2CD compilation. The original "Raw Code" is a finessed roller, its moody bassline and shattered-glass percussion offset by little flute figures and flurrying snares. Surgeon's piledriving techno version brings the original's aggro tendencies to the fore while keeping the elegant touches that make his own bangers so compelling. He pushes the kick to the front, giving "Raw Code" forceful momentum with a sinewy breakbeat and gummy synth chords. Asusu's "Sister" is cut from a rather different cloth, minimalist but full, with roiling kicks and eerie pads. Höppner's version, by contrast, is all clattering percussion and unspooling chords. The effect is less like the chill of midwinter Bristol and more like the moment when the club shutters are opened and the sun floods in.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Raw Code (Surgeon Remix) B1 Sister (Nick Höppner Remix)