Oscar Schubaq - Triade

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  • The vinyl-only Tardis' third release finds label cofounder Oscar Schubaq flying solo after going head-to-head on the imprint's debut release with his business partner, Eli Verveine. The Berlin producer delivers two bouncy, summery house tracks and a foray into ambient. "Take It" marries dubby jets with sparky hi-hats and a dark bassline that just manages to peep out of the soil beneath. There's also a hint of 2012-era Bicep in its shrill vocal loop. "Exposition" adopts a more direct, stripped down approach to the dance floor. There's still some synth floatiness, but Schubaq counters it with crunching handclaps, juicy snares and stabs of percussion. The final track, "Triade," turns things completely on their head. Schubaq lets loose some highly unsettling dark ambient; you feel like you're deep inside some digital rainforest, where disturbed animals yell and screech. The two traditional house tracks are perfectly efficient, but there's some pleasing nastiness about "Triade" that suggests Shubaq should get twisted more often.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Take It 
 B1 Exposition 
B2 Triade