The KVB - Out Of Body

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  • The KVB's albums tend to be well-executed and enjoyable, but over the course of a full-length a slight sameness can dampen the effect. Listening to their whole catalogue reveals a surprising variation to their sound, though, from the drama of Always Then, to the dank and distorted pieces on Immaterial Visions, the vaguely gothic Minus One, and Into the Night, their lugubrious industrial 12-inch for Downwards. This "mini-LP" is their second outing on Anton Newcombe's A Records. Recorded at Newcombe's Berlin studio, and with Joe Dilworth (of Stereolab and Th' Faith Healers) on drums, it feels fresher and less repetitive than previous albums, perhaps because of its slightly shorter length. Gauzy vocals nicely offset "From Afar"'s meaty bassline and clambering synths. On "Heavy Eyes," the vocals and synths soar from a thick bed of distortion. The most austere piece is "Between Suns," with its sections given over to heavy walls of guitar and, to finish, muscular drumming. It makes for a nice contrast with "Cartesian Bodies," whose sprightly melody and sliding dynamics are almost upbeat, and the softly cooed harmonies and slinky guitar lines of "Across The Sea." No one track is the highlight, but it's to The KVB's credit that the quality is consistently high, even as the record's emotional tone is more varied than ever.
  • Tracklist
      A1 All Around You A2 From Afar A3 Heavy Eyes B1 Cartesian Bodies B2 Across The Sea B3 Between Suns