SDC - Correlation #2

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  • SDC is a relatively new project by Jack Hamill, who as Space Dimension Controller has released concept records such the R&S album Welcome To Mikrosector-50. It's a departure in the sense that SDC records are focused on the more terrestrial concerns of the dance floor rather than Space Dimension Controller's vivid sci-fi narratives. The second in a series of 12-inches, Correlation #2's three tracks may lack the overarching concepts of Space Dimension Controller releases, but their intergalactic spirit and playful mood is still here in full force. "Monodynamic" pivots on an irrepressibly catchy funk bassline dotted with disco synths that are equally cosmic and spirited. "Angel Grove" is all hulking drum-machine hits, powerful claps and darting melodies, but it only really picks up momentum after the breakdown. "Down In Sector H" pairs a languid groove with space-disco touches and splashy percussion. Although it isn't hugely original, Correlation #2 is machine-funk at its most colourful and vibrant.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Angel Grove B1 Monodynamic B2 Down In Sector