South London Ordnance - Contact

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  • It's been a year since South London Ordnance's debut release for Hotflush, the simultaneously tough and tuneful Revolver EP. Where that record built early-in-the-night atmospheres, this one aims for peak-time, further expanding SLO's creative remit in the process. On the surface, "Sabre" is simply a bruising dark techno cut, but closer inspection reveals its stark base materials progressing with the pleasing smoothness that's become one of this producer's calling cards. "Ritual To Romance" injects some jungle and acid textures into this warehouse template, its barrel-chested acid bassline dominating as clattering percussion and airy pads wax and wane in the background. "Output"'s heavy-industry rattle is leavened by the jaunty addition of a blasting whistle. The title track finishes things on a less frenzied, Scuba-ish note. It's an airy collage of elasticated drums, sparkling synth effects and hats whirling seductively around a call-to-arms vocal sample.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Contact A2 Sabre B1 Ritual To Romance B2 Output