Ricardo Tobar - Hundreds / Garden

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  • On Ricardo Tobar's most recent album, Treillis, "Garden" and "Hundreds" sit together, offering the contrast that marks out an artist who understands the LP format. The former is an oddly gritty beast that, butterfly-like, emerges from a cocoon of distortion and lo-fi synths to flit through widescreen vistas. The latter is a rough club jam that touches on Daphni's disjointed marriages of percussion and melody. Though excellent in the context of the album, neither is necessarily a track that you'd chose for a 12-inch release. But with their sample-packed and far from linear construction, they offer plenty for remixers to sink their teeth into. Daniel Avery's take on "Garden" is the record's most playable cut. A simple slab of moody techno, the track bolts a pared-down version of Tobar's atmospheres to a more club-friendly chassis, but in the process jettisons most of what made the track interesting in the first place. Bass Clef's mix of "Garden" is more intriguing, but you'd need some serious cojones to play it out. It shudders and flickers as though lit up by a strobe, its movement caught more in afterglow than direct sight. You may not recognise many of the original's elements, but it shares the same sense of club music tipped off its axis.
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      A1 Garden (Daniel Avery Remix) A2 Garden B1 Hundreds B2 Garden (Bass Clef Remix)