Various - The Giant Monarch

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  • Fifth Wall may have started as a kind of US hub for European techno producers, but there was never a chance label owners Nico and Reilly would fix their gaze permanently across the Atlantic, especially when there's plenty of talent on their doorstep. The four cuts on this compilation run the gamut of techno micro-genres. L'estasi Dell'oro provides the most menacing track here. "Der Hase" is a relentlessly twisted slab of horrortech, a descent into an inferno of screeching voices, noxious clouds of interference and the heaviest of kicks. Sat next to it on the A-side, the discofied machine-funk of Loric's "Under Sharer" couldn't be much further removed. Raw, unbridled energy drives Greg Z's "Public Anomie"—it's pared-back techno made up of rotor-blade beats and chords that hack away at the track. Shawn O'Sullivan strips things back even further, tooling "Fumarin" into a steady groove. Accompanied by bleeps and searing hi-hats, the L.I.E.S. affiliate roughs things up with abrasive kicks.
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      A1 L'estasi Dell'oro - Der Hase A2 Loric - Under Sharer B1 Greg Z - Public Anomie B2 Shawn O'Sullivan - Fumarin