Dorisburg - Liksom / Eller

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  • To date, the output from Genius Of Time's Alexander Berg as Dorisburg has offered trackier takes on the duo's funk-inflected house. The drums are harder, the basses rumble in your bowels, but there's still a hint of disco balls and snapping fingers. But his second appearance on Bossmusik marks a substantial toughening up. The breakbeat that lopes through "Liksom" feels like it's reeling under a battery of tom hits and snares. It's like a drums-only Stablo cut, and Berg's pinpoint percussion makes it the kind of track that signals the left turn from peak-time into the weird hours. The flip is more straightforward. It lacks some of "Liksom"'s immediate impact, but it's worth the wait for the drum clatter that piles up in the final third. That peak appears as if bursting through clouds—where once there were only subs rolling away beneath chattering hats, suddenly the percussion snaps into focus, dragging you from floor-facing reverie to heads-up fist pump.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Liksom B1 Eller