Kowton / Asusu - More Games / Too Much Time Has Passed Remixes

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  • The latest in Livity Sound's impeccably curated remix series comes from two esoteric house music power duos, neither of whom are exactly known for their bangers. So it should come as no surprise that—particularly compared to recent efforts from MMM or Surgeon—these subtle reworkings may take a while to worm their way into your affections. Mix Mup and Kassem Mosse, working under their MM/KM alias, step up first with a "No Names" mix of Kowton's "More Games." Somewhat disappointingly they steer clear of the track's bolder aspects—the grime-like string line is a notable absence, instead rendered in clean, bleepy tones. Between that and the sine-tone bassline you might be worried that Mosse and Mup have softened the original's bite. Fortunately, when it launches into a chunky, low-slung house trudge—not quite where you expect it to, naturally —things are more or less redeemed. The real show-stealer, however, comes courtesy of Dresvn. Dynamo Dreesen and SVN, of Acido and SUED records respectively, have always displayed a wayward streak; here they somehow spin Asusu's Frozen Border-esque "Too Much Time Has Passed" into a lovely deep house number. Its muted chords, delicate pitter-patter percussion and subtle smears of psychedelic texturing sound like the amplified bustle of the forest floor (the duo didn't name a record Woodlandscene for nothing). The results might bear next to no relation to the original, but that hardly matters.
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      A1 Kowton - More Games (MM/KM More Names Remix) B1 Asusu - Too Much Time Has Passed (Dresvn Remix)