Rhythmic Theory - Endless Forms

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  • The heavy soundsystems of Bristol in the late '70s and '80s laid the foundation for the rich musical output the city has displayed to the world ever since. These two tracks from Bristol techno duo Rhythmic Theory would tear down walls if fed through those soundsystems today. Their recent EP on Happy Skull featured an acid techno track, "Decadence Of Delay," that barreled along at breakneck speed; in contrast, the two cuts on Endless Forms finds them stretching out into slo-mo jungle and dub techno. "Endless Forms" begins with distant noise and a thumping kick, which are swiftly joined by 303 claps and a disembodied female vocal. The track settles down into a stoned groove where cavernous bass drops provide added drama. You suspect Ron Morelli and his acolytes would approve. Perhaps it's the twisted breakbeat that engulfs it, but "Tales Of Dystopia" has undertones of classic Future Sound of London. It's swaggering deep techno, full of subtle synth phrases and a bassline that rumbles like jungle thunder.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Endless Forms B1 Tales of Dystopia