Wild Beasts - A Simple Beautiful Truth Remixed

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  • The shift into more electronic territories that Wild Beasts made on their latest album, Present Tense, has the potential to open their music up to interesting remix treatments like never before. After The Field and Factory Floor's radical reworks of the album's first single, Wanderlust, this package shows the three producers sticking pretty close to "A Simple Beautiful Truth"'s gently bounding source material. A relatively subdued quality inhabits all of them, although Lone's remix is most likely to increase your heart rate. He retains Hayden Thorpe's falsetto vocal in full, and maintains the original's percussive pace while recasting the music in his own tropical image. Elsewhere, Djrum backgrounds the vocal with a spacious collage of chimes, clicks and clatters that presses all kinds of ambient buttons. East India Youth's rework is a slow-build affair that pits Thorpe's vocals against keening synths and drums that swell to a brief, reserved crescendo. It closes an interesting package that never greatly improves on the original track.
  • Tracklist
      A1 A Simple Beautiful Truth A2 A Simple Beautiful Truth (Lone Remix) B1 A Simple Beautiful Truth (Djrum Remix) B2 A Simple Beautiful Truth (East India Youth Remix)