Missy Zeze & Presslaboys – E.F.X (European Fusion Experience)

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  • Like many big labels these days, SAW are also trying to mix things up with their release schedule, and the latest release from Missy Zeze & Presslaboys is no different. E.F.X (European Fusion Experience) is the name of the release and it shows a more techy side to the SAW label. The Electro Monkey Mix gets the ball rolling with some chunky beats from the word go. The base rumbles soon take over as the track pounds the speakers early on and builds in its early stages. The track then leads to the first break in beat which sees a screechy electro synth pattern take control, as subtle squeaks and bleep ring in the background. The production takes a straight path with out any real peaks, but it works quite well. The Original Mix is clearly not as tough as the Electro mix. From the word go the original has a funky edge to it with the baseline and smooth effects that feature throughout. The electro synths are not as strong in this mix, as they feature throughout, but are clearly not the focal point of the track unlike the mix on the flip. It’s a good mix the compliments the electro mix on the flip and is for those that didn’t like the raw edge the Elector mix provided. A pretty solid release for SAW and it demonstrates their focus on changing things up and playing with diversity. Whether or not this has worked on this instance is up for you to decide.