Matthias Meyer ‎- Becuz EP

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  • Matthias Meyer has a knack for injecting genuine emotion into what's otherwise functional tech house. His best-known effort is probably "Infinity," a rolling, feel-good cut that dropped on his long-time label home liebe*detail in 2009. Like that one, Meyer's standout tracks usually feature a small but affecting sample or melody, setting them apart from similarly groove-led tools churned out by German producers each week. His latest single, Becuz EP, features another memorable moment that sees function nicely matched with form. The three-track EP gets underway with "Becuz." Featuring chanting vocals and big, brooding chords, Meyer's intentions were obviously grandiose. Unfortunately, the muddled end result doesn't have the impact you'd expect from something with a two-minute breakdown in its middle. "November Rain" is another story. A few layers of synth spurt out random, captivating melodies for almost seven minutes—it'll no doubt liven up a dance floor. Coupled with tidy bass and drums, it shows Meyer at his best. Man-of-the-moment Mario Basanov chips in with a stripped-back remix of "November Rain," but it's unlikely it'll be the track most DJs reach for here.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Becuz B1 November Rain B2 November Rain (Mario Basanov Remix)