Outer Space - Phantom Center

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  • In its current incarnation, Outer Space is the duo of John Elliott (Spectrum Spool co-founder, former Emeralds member) and Andrew Veres. Previous records—perhaps the most fully realised of which was 2012's Akashic Record (Events: 1986-1990)—featured a number of contributors, but Phantom Center is the first record Outer Space has released as a duo. "Arrival And Assessment" mines the strain of dazzling kosmische Emeralds favoured, and the bleaker fringes of techno. Opening with far-off drum hits and an unsettlingly off-kilter bassline, it teases at a groove without ever quite settling into it. Instead, there's an unnerving disconnect between the rich, bright synths and a bassline that grows ever more malevolent. The bassline and rattling percussion are ballast for the cosmic synths, but the elements seem opposed to one another, effecting a push-pull dynamic that's endlessly compelling. After some time they finally do align, only for Outer Space to upset the fine balance during the dramatic finale. "Crixa / 5925" is beatless but no less ominous, layering fine synth lines into a vivid soundscape that's as celestial as the duo's name suggests.
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      A1 Arrival And Assessment A2 Crixa / 5925