Lurka - Holding EP

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  • The raw-edged quality of these three swaggering rollers on Lurka's debut for Bristol label Black Acre dovetails nicely with the dance music synonymous with the city, but Holding doesn't sound particularly localised or beholden to current trends. "Nah So" begins promisingly, with dramatic rising dynamics and rough kicks nicely offset by a tinkling chime. A murky synth line and muffled alarm calls build suspense, but even as the track hits a climax it never really feels like it's taken off. "KMT" is more substantial, with Lurka making the combination of wobbling synth arpeggios and piston-fire percussion work well. But the real highlight is the title track, whose rattling introduction grows tenser with each bar, before the whole thing erupts into a furious drum workout. It's a brutal steppers' cut, and Lurka's knack for subtle tension and release gives it a thrilling edge.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Holding A2 Nah So B1 KMT