GusGus - Crossfade Remixe

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  • Kompakt's resident Icelandic synth-poppers GusGus recently teased their upcoming new full-length with the single "Crossfade," a characteristically jaunty amalgam of looping synths, steady beats and flamboyant vocals. This remix EP comprises four reworks, with the opening three achieving roughly similar floor-ready results before a more abstract interpretation closes the package. Maceo Plex's remix is an unsurprisingly sleek kick-off. Its closing section, which blends Ten Walls-style horns, vocals and thumping drums, is the package's most euphoric moment and will doubtless do brisk business in Ibiza and beyond this summer. Konstantin Sibold ramps the vocal up to glam-rock flamboyance levels and pairs it with slowly rising bass and celestial pads in a familiar but effective way. Michael Mayer offers a contrasting take. He ditches the vocal entirely save for the odd sighing fragment, which disappears into a gently propulsive landscape of mid-paced percussion, disco-tinted keys and chimes. GusGus member Gluteus Maximus, meanwhile, turns in a wonky collision of vocals and all manner of malfunctioning-machine noises that's a refreshingly different palate-cleanser after the club-geared indulgences preceding it.
  • Tracklist
      01. Crossfade (Maceo Plex Mix) 02. Crossfade (Sibold Mix) 03. Crossfade (Michael Mayer Mix) 04. Crossfade (Gluteus Maximus Mix)