Rodriguez Jr - Persistence Of Vision

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  • Mobilee's pool parties in Spain have become an essential part of summer for many. This four-tracker from Olivier Mateu is squarely aimed at these events (sure enough, the Frenchman will play live at the first of the label's weekly pool parties in Ibiza). The title track—the EP's obvious standout—is classic summer fare, with expansive pads and bass and oscillating keys rolling like gentle tides over an ever-so-soulful male vocal. Given the focus of the package, Re.You's remix falls a surprising distance from the original's sun-bleached aesthetic. It comes out as a tough blend of crackling percussion and disorienting keys that should be more effective in the basement than by the pool. On the flip, "Mustang" and "Aldebaran" position themselves somewhere between these two environments (an indoor pool with the blinds pulled down, perhaps). Insistent basslines dominate both. On the latter, the arrival of warm keys and cheery xylophones make for an uplifting closer.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Persistence of Vision A2 Persistence of Vision (Re.You Remix) B1 Aldebaran B2 Mustang