Daywalker + CF - Supersonic Transport

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  • Willie Burns and Entro Senestre's Daywalker + CF project debuted impressively on L.I.E.S. last year with the echoing, spaced-out You Only Live Once EP. The title track on this second release for the label finds the pair aiming far more squarely at the dance floor. Its maximalist synth line oscillates seductively over thunderous drums and crashing cymbals to create an eight-minute epic that foregoes sharp edges in favour of straightforward euphoria. If the title track is the sound of supersonic transport, then "Bulldog Named Carl" and "Untitled" are the sounds of the slow and scenic route. The former is a deliciously languid, pads-soaked affair whose celestial atmospherics background a track-long sample of an unidentified monologue about science, technology, religion and politics. The latter is a gentle, sub-aquatic murmur of machine groans and far-off percussion that surfaces briefly before collapsing back in on itself. All three tracks succeed completely on their own terms.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Supersonic Transport B1 Bulldog Named Carl B2 Untitled