Various - Acido 016 / Acido 017

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  • Unpredictable they may be, but by now you pretty much know what to expect from Acido Records. Every six months or so, they release two 12-inches at roughly the same time. What those records will sound like is anyone's guess—especially after last year's Soundtrack For No Film Vol.2—but you can always count on leftfield mutations of club music from some combination of the label's usual suspects. This holds true on their latest two 12-inches, both of which came out in April. Acido 016 features an untitled track by Dresvn (AKA label head Dynamo Dreesen and SUED boss SVN, who also did the record's excellent pencil illustrations) and a remix by friend of the family DJ Sotofett. The original is extraordinarily subtle techno: its kick drum and bassline congeal into a thick molasses, while a single high frequency sound flickers overhead. The whole thing saunters along for a while and eventually falls apart, dissolving into a chaotic synth freak-out. Sotofett's "Acido-Inna-Jungle-Mix" does what it says on the tin, manhandling Acido's marble textures into a jungle framework. It sounds like a rehash of the "Burridim Mix" he did of SW's "Reminder" last year on SUED—the demented bird calls, hectic drum fills and fake spin-backs he loves so much are all here. After an extended break, the jungle tropes disappear, making room for an uneven backbeat and what sounds like a creepy, slowed down chuckle. This latter half feels a bit fresher than the jungle bit, which is by now well-worn territory for the Sex Tags Mania boss. Acido 017 comes from S.P. Posse, a collaboration by SVN and past Acido guest Philip Gelberg. The pair turn in three angular and intricately composed tribal rhythms, all of which patter along at something around 130 BPM. The two A-side tracks have an easygoing drum-circle feel; the B-side is more busy and intense, with an undulating bass frequency that gives it some techno oomph. All three are occasionally brightened up by half-melodies and misty pads, but for the most part this record is pure percussion. Both EPs feel slightly safe compared to the rest of Acido's recent catalog, but are still elegantly produced and loaded with odd personality.
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      A1 Untitled B1 Untitled (DJ Sotofett's Acido Inna Jungle Mix) A1 Untitled A2 Untitled B1 Untitled