Rrose - Eating The Other

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  • If Rrose dove deeper than he ever has on last year's Monad XVI, the latest release on Eaux is him getting comfortable in his new subterranean digs. Or maybe it's the listener he's trying to help settle in. On the pulsating "Pentagons" it feels like you're sitting right on the kick drum as a galaxy of percolating synths orbit on either side of you. It's just one aspect of an EP that consistently puts you in the middle of its booming physical presence. Eating The Other is one of the more hallucinogenic things the American producer has released, and it's expertly built for the club. "Pentagons" is a peak-time weapon with near-perfect pacing. Its sharp chord stabs steadily turn more abrasive, blurring into a stream of noise that attacks from the peripheries. "Ammonia" is even more three-dimensional, carefully closing in around you as it climaxes on top of a sludgy bassline. The 11-minute "Mirrors" takes up the entire flipside, mining the same sooty matter as "Pentagons." This one eschews a traditional rise-breakdown-rise structure and instead does donuts in and out of earshot, until it finally gives way to a three-minute passage of buzzing midrange that crackles like a bonfire. The crunchy thrum gets closer and closer until you feel your head might explode.
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      A1 Pentagons A2 Ammonia B1 Mirror