Throwing Shade - 19 Jewels EP

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  • For a certain subset of current electronic producers, the lines that traditionally divide genres, regions and eras have blurred to such an extent that they're effectively useless. Throwing Shade may not sound like Evian Christ or James Ferraro, but she shares their cultural omnivorousness, and the way she melds styles is interesting, even if it doesn't always work. The grime-style "Once," where her rainbow palette of soft synths is given an edge with whipcracking percussion and moody synthetic strings, is the highlight of 19 Jewels. "ODC" sounds like a Oneohtrix Point Never take on R&B, all mushy synths, strings and wispy vocals that build into something surprisingly affecting. "Real Bad" is comparatively sparse, its twinkling melody countered with a no-nonsense drum loop and pitchbent vocal sample. "Sweet Tooth," 19 Jewels' opening track and nadir, is a confection of half-spoken, half-sung vocals, giggles and plasticky synths. Compared to the rest of the EP, it's one-dimensional—sweet, yes, but toothless. For all its anything-goes approach, 19 Jewels isn't especially compelling or bold, but it shows plenty of promise.
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      01. Sweet Tooth feat. Emily Bee 02. Pure Life 03. Once 04. Real Bad 05. ODC
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