Various - Infuse 005

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  • Seb Zito & Rich NxT apart, Infuse's latest multi-artist EP is made up of artists who've just stepped into dance music's glare. There's promise here, but it'll take time to fully form. Archie Hamilton & Dan Farsarelli's "Ladbroke Groove" is typical of this; its wobbly bassline and dabs of conga create a lithe, atmospheric groove but it's rather too linear, crying out for something to lift it from every other workaday house tool. Much the same can be said for Stuart Hawkins, whose "Dreams Of You" marries an ennui-laden vocal to an unfaltering minimalist rhythm that chugs away tirelessly. Of the three rookies here—all of whom appear regularly at Fuse's London parties—Joseph Williams fares best. "Gron" squeaks and beeps like a pitched-down Kraftwerk, albeit embellished with whispered vocals, a gentle but effective change of pace and an aura of unease. On "The Root," the two more established names, Seb Zito & Rich NxT, construct a jerky house march out of a reedy synth line and booming bass drops.
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      A1 Seb Zito & Rich Nxt - The Root A2 Archie Hamilton & Dan Farserelli - Ladbroke Groove B1 Stuart Hawkins - Dreams Of You B2 Stuart Hawkins - Gron
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