Jovonn - The EP

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  • Apollonia have been on an evangelical mission to rerelease brilliant but forgotten deep house gems. Here the French production crew and label twist that premise by giving one of their old school house heroes a chance to release new material. New Yorker Jovonn, who is best known for 1999's "Back In The Dark," is well into his third decade as a producer. As you would expect of a man with that experience, there's no questioning Jovonn's technical proficiency. Both versions of "Trippin"—the dub mix is simply vocal-free, nothing fancier than that—pitch Jovonn's Marshall Jefferson-style vocals into a rolling groove with organ stabs redolent of stock '90s house fare. It's slick but lacks the atmosphere of Jovonn's earlier outings. "The March" is far more successful, despite being little more than a linear, unwavering groove. A single synth note pierces the entirety of its six-minute duration as truncated snares snap away atop a teetering bassline. It has something "Trippin" lacks: mood.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Trippin Body 'n' Deep Vox Mix B1 The March B2 Trippin Body 'n' Deep Dub Mix