Tim Green - Helpless Sun EP

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  • Last year My Favorite Robot remixed a track on the first release from Tim Green's Disc Over Music label, and now Green returns the favor with two original tracks for the Canadian trio. "Helpless Sun" opens with a gathering storm of bass drops and flecks of guitar. Hayley Hutchinson's trippy vocal snippet rises and falls with metronomic intensity, before a groaning bassline sets the track on a course to the heart of dark house. The first of two remixes from Visionquest's Ryan Crosson is a remarkable piece of music. At first, it's part moody campfire rock, part slo-mo machine funk, then it mutates, as if injected with steroids, into show-stopping tech house. Crosson's "Ambient Mix" may hint at a beatless version of the remix but it's nothing of the sort. Instead it's a brief slice of paranoid electronica that sounds like it could have come from the True Detective soundtrack. With its breathy female vocal, heavy bass reverb and echo drops, Green's second contribution, "Seti," has something of turn-of-the-century Sasha-style prog about it. Elegant? Yes. But it feels like it could benefit from being rolled around in the mud for a minute or two.
  • Tracklist
      01. Helpless Sun feat. Hayley Hutchinson 02. Helpless Sun feat. Hayley Hutchinson (Ryan Crosson's Mood Vocal Remix) 03. Helpless Sun feat. Hayley Hutchinson (Ryan Crosson's Ambient Remix) 04. Seti