Paul Woolford - Erotic Discourse Remixes

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  • It's funny to think that a newer generation of fans might not have heard it, but before "Untitled" and Special Request there was "Erotic Discourse." Released under his Bobby Peru alias, the track propelled Paul Woolford into the upper echelons of the dance music circuit. "Erotic Discourse" doesn't sound like the Woolford we know these days, but it has a mix of roughed-up aesthetics and keen melody that survive in his work today. With no anniversary or similar milestone to celebrate, the timing of this remix package feels a little odd. It seems like an excavation of past successes meant to capitalize on Woolford's skyrocketing popularity. Both Kowton and Dense & Pika treat the original with deference, maintaining its signature sparking filament and building new frameworks around it. For Dense & Pika, that means loading it with a typically lumbering Godzilla kick drum, and then letting that riff go crazy over breakdowns, where it crackles and pops like a short-circuiting wire. Kowton takes a less conventional route—the kicks feel detached before falling away for skeletal grime passages that sprint by on a single low-end stab. His remix is irreverent while Dense & Pika's is traditional, but both are off-kilter enough to be more than just updates of a classic.
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      01. Erotic Discourse (Dense & Pika Remix) 02. Erotic Discourse (Kowton Remix)