Luke Hess & Omar-S - Motown Methods EP

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  • Motown Methods, a collaboration between Detroit producers Omar-S and Luke Hess, is a fine combination of their styles: Hess's refined techno on the one hand, and Omar-S's off-kilter analogue house on the other. Together they deliver what makes their solo music work so well—deft drum programming, loops that feel like they could go on for days without losing their impact, and subtle, absorbing grooves. "Automatic Night" is the more straightforward cut, with swirling synth lines and bright chords that give its groove a cosmic feel. "Outerspace Drive" is also vaguely intergalactic, and a little proggy. It blossoms from a sparse pattern of fat kicks and slippery hi-hats into a lush, expansive track. When it peaks—its rolling rhythm and syrupy synths coming together beautifully—it's as enjoyable as anything either producer has done.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Automatic Night B1 Outerspace Drive