Florian Kupfer - This Society

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  • Lifetrax, German producer Florian Kupfer's debut for L.I.E.S., had a pleasingly creaky, dreamy quality to it, as well as one track, "Feelin'," that featured a divisive vocal pitched so high it was advisable to put your dog in kennels before listening to it. The EP became a crossover hit for Ron Morelli's label. This second L.I.E.S. outing for Kupfer has sharper edges than its predecessor, but retains its unpolished ambience. The title track pairs snarling, distorted keys with oscillating harmonies and characteristically deep-in-the-mix percussion, producing something as haunting as it is propulsive. "Resistors" is a simple juxtaposition of power and beauty, its sweet opening of music-box chimes being eventually overlain with a thudding kick and sharp hats. "Reach Another System" is the most freeform track, with more muffled drums (a L.I.E.S. staple) providing a backbone on which seemingly random piano lines, celestial effects and synths flit in and out. It's a bewildering but interesting close to a record that has equal parts charm and floor potential.
  • Tracklist
      A1 This Society A2 Resistors B Reach Another System