Loco Dice - City Lights / Phat Dope Shit (Remixes)

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  • The very impressive Four Twenty Recordings return with two new remixes of Locodice productions City Ligths and Phat Dope Shit. The a-side sees Martin Buttrich Remix ‘City Lights’. Now this is a great production. The track starts of with some solid beats and a nice arpeggiated synth pattern hypnotise the airwaves, shortly before a deliciously deep baseline do the hard work under the main high end sounds. When all the sounds meet late on, the combination of the flute melody, synth and baseline really delivers the goods. A quality track that has already seen massive support by the big name DJ’s. On the flip is Saeed’s Shit Base Remix of Phat Dope Shit. Saeed (from Saeed & Palash) gives this track a true deep and dark tribal feel, as the beats are tight and nicely arranged. The distinct UK accented vocals ride the production in a way that will either please or irritate some. The vocals however do not take away from the great tribal feel this record brings. Quite a solid release this one, with two distinct and unique tracks on either side. You can’t help but feel though that Martin’s remix of City Lights is where the money really is on this two tracker.