Butch - The Persistence Of Memory

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  • Mainz-born Watergate resident Butch, AKA Bülent Gürler, is a quality and quantity kind of producer. A self-imposed five-day working week has yielded around 40 singles/EPs and two albums since 2007, and while I can't claim to have heard them all, I've also never heard any serious missteps. Everything on this latest release is a collaboration, with two of the tracks produced with his longtime studio partner, Hohberg, and one with C. Vogt, who the press sheet hails as Butch's "latest protégé." Unsurprisingly, "Peyote" (by Butch and Hohberg) has a druggy feel. A freeform confluence of squalling synths, jazzy percussion and spacey effects, it's captivating for its full 12 minutes. The second Hohberg co-production, "Ozymandias," has an even more intoxicating quality. Aimed, in contrast to its predecessor, at the dance floor, its groaning chasm of bass is a statement of intent. The addition of oscillating keys and steady percussion winds up sounding (in a good way) like something Fairmont might have recorded before he started singing quite so much. With its relentless, night-train bassline and clanking effects, "Missing Channels" by Butch and C. Vogt is a close cousin to "Ozymandias" that ends up alighting on more oppressive, claustrophobic territory. An "Atmo Trip" version of "Peyote" closes the digital version of the EP. Its shimmering ambience adds another dimension to a package that pulses with ideas.
  • Tracklist
      A Peyote B1 Ozymandias B2 Missing Channels Digital: Peyote (Atmo Trip)