Marco Shuttle - Sing Like A Bird

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  • Marco Shuttle has done plenty of good things since his 2011 breakout hit "The Vox Attitude," taking his wonderfully smoky techno sound into ever darker terrain (the title of his label, Eerie, sums it up). But if "Sing Like A Bird" is his best track in some time, then it might be down to the return of that most crowd-pleasing of ingredients: a vocal. Granted, the track would be excellent even without this embellishment; like much of the London-based Italian's output, it's a masterclass in wringing nuance and character from a few simple drum and synth loops. Shuttle's highly refined sense of narrative keeps the thing rolling seamlessly forwards for almost 12 minutes. But it's the vocal floating up top that you're listening to, the sort of ad lib that stays just the right side of clichéd portentousness. Time To Express boss Peter Van Hoesen remixes the track himself and, true to form, draws its hypnotic potential out even further. His version is richer and more multi-layered, though perhaps loses a little of the original's dusty charm. Fortunately, when you've got material like this to work with, you can't go too far wrong.
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      A Sing Like A Bird B Sing Like A Bird (Peter Van Hoesen Remix)