Oscar Mulero - Electric Storm

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  • PoleGroup's first release of the year is label founder Oscar Mulero's Electric Storm EP, composed of two original cuts (the title track was previously heard on his Unknown Landscapes mix from late 2013) and remixes from Sigha and Tommy Four Seven. "Electric Storm" and "Cave" are, as usual for Mulero, workhorse tracks—both very DJ-friendly, both packing the producer's distinctively crisp, well-defined punch. "Electric Storm" is smooth and centered on a sinewy riff that rocks back and forth in the middle of the mix. The second, with its fusillade of cymbals and hi-hats, employs more climactic force and tenser textures. The remixes aren't quite as convincing. Sigha gets leaner with "Electric Storm," transforming the original mid-range riff into a skittering, pitched-up lead, but the atmospheric sheen is a little too glossy compared to Mulero's head-down approach. Tommy Four Seven's take on "Cave" is the gnarliest, most abstract thing here—it moves between stop-start thuds and what sounds like volleys of machine-gun fire—but its extremism could prove too grating, especially for those unaccustomed to the producer's work. Both remixes are decent enough, and Sigha's certainly has potential for the floor, but this record's better tracks come from Mulero himself.
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      A1 Electric Storm A2 Electric Storm (Sigha Remix) B1 Cave B2 Cave (Tommy Four Seven Remix)