PBR Streetgang - Achilles EP

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  • With past EPs from the likes of Bicep, Waze & Odyssey, Hardway Bros and Daniel Avery, New York's ever-reliable Throne Of Blood has always peppered its schedule with top-tier UK producers. Leeds pair PBR Streetgang are another solid addition, and they step up here with four languid house cuts. With its pounding opening beat, the title track sets off with the gait of a banger, but it soon melts into a sun-dappled piano-house charmer. Iron Galaxy's remix slowly works a psychedelic sheen into the original, with spacey pads popping up periodically behind gently spiralling keys and bass. The inspiringly titled "Name It Later" sticks to the same pace, ambling along on a two-note bass groan, distorted vocal fragments and chugging percussion before a flamboyant piano riff finally kicks in. "Trap Door" is cut from similar cloth but pushes its multiple layers of bass to the foreground, closing out a sleepy, warming quartet of tracks.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Achilles A2 Achilles (Iron Galaxy Remix) B1 Name It Later B2 Trap Door