Perc - The Power & The Glory Remixed

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  • One of the most rewarding aspects of Perc's recent The Power & The Glory was its diversity: if anybody had feared that industrial techno was headed for a gurning dead end, here was evidence to the contrary. It's fitting, then, that the producer has enlisted a diverse and colourful cast of British techno operators to remix the record. Tessela is first up, returning to Perc Trax for the first time since remixing his brother Truss back in 2010. His rework of album highlight "Take Your Body Off" riffs on the playful breakbeat-techno style he's been honing of late. As with parts of the Nancy's Pantry EP, the effect is rather like Shed (who used a similarly clattering 2-step beat in his remix of "Ellipsis"). But squalls of interference from the original—not to mention Dan Chandler's unmistakable shrieks—lend it a pleasingly chaotic edge. Untold tackles "Bleeding Colours," replacing the original's oppression with a kind of scurrying urgency reminiscent of Powell or Container's basement workouts as much as his own recent Black Light Spiral. The bass sound is a handy taster of what your speakers will do moments before they die—it's a godawful racket that pretty much hamstrings the groove, but that was almost certainly the intention. Finally, Clouds' version of "Dumpster" is brooding slow-mo techno with all manner of unexpected twists. It's probably the most intriguing thing they've ever done; clearly Perc's music brings out the best in people.
  • Tracklist
      A Take Your Body Off (Tessela Remix) B1 Bleeding Colours (Untold Remix) B2 Dumpster (Clouds Remix)