Dauwd - Kindlinn

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  • Leave it to a new guy to make one of the most classic-sounding Kompakt records in a while. Any of Dauwd's shiny tracks so far might have belonged to the legendary Cologne label, but with his first Kompakt EP, Dauwd Al Hilali seems particularly at home. Gushing with melody and finished off with some serious glow, Kindlinn sounds like something from Immer's cutting room floor. Kindlinn is an EP of regal love songs at heart, and "Lydia" is the courting ritual—the rolling, Max Cooper-style basslines are the butterflies in your stomach, and the little glissandos are hiccups of excitement. A graceful synth wiggles up and down before blooming into full-on Dark Side Of The Moon noodling. Getting down and dirty, "Kindlinn" is based on a gurgling bassline, passionate synth screeches and stiff piano samples. It has a tender frame, however, padded by horns that keep it graceful even at its most tempestuous. "Rain Raker" reprises "Kindlinn"'s melody, but it's elegiac this time, unspooling into a warm glow as it slowly fades into sleep. Though it might be a bit throwback, Kindlinn is a well-rounded EP that massages all the Kompakt pleasure centres.
  • Tracklist
      A Lydia B1 Kindlinn B2 Rain Raker