Tim Deluxe - The Little Ginger Club Kid

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  • All too often we come across dance acts who have a couple of massive singles successes but are unable to translate these into a decent album. This being the case I approached the little ginger's album with some caution. Happily it proves something of a success. Mr Deluxe has clearly mastered the art of an infectious pop-dance song, as in the massive 'It Just Won't Do' from last year, or the arguably more superior 'Less Talk More Action', Terra Deva on fantastic vocal form. However he does try too hard to present a variety of styles, with the result that 'What A Life (Amsterdam)' comes over as a misguided attempt to do a rap track. '2 Kool 4 Skool' sounds derivative as well, with more than a passing similarity to Oskar G's 'Dark Beat' in its tribal chorus. Back to the plusses though, for Ben Onono' introspective vocal on 'Battle' is perfectly done over an atmospheric filtered house backing, as is 'Choose Something Like A Star', with the same vocalist. Once the chat dies down on 'Record Shop' there's some good sax led house - kind of like 'Lily Was Here' in a Pete Heller style. Handsomely packaged,'The Little Ginger Club Kid' is a good debut album, but arrives with the feeling that its author should concentrate on what he does best.