New Jackson - Made It MIne

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  • The flair for melody and atmosphere that secured New Jackson a release on Hivern Discs last year also brings to life this four-track EP for Munich's Permanent Vacation. It covers both familiar and more novel ground for the Dublin producer: the title track is recognizably New Jackson thanks to a vocodered vocal dancing around a super-smooth bass groove and wistful synths. "Jam On Summer" clinks and echoes in spectral fashion, with a gently manipulated disco vocal flitting in and out of sight on a bed of bass, droplet keys and cowbells. "Satisfaction" pits another vocoder vocal against mid-'90s techno pads and steady hats, while "Skies The Limit" is the most restless thing here. It rains off-key shards of synth down on energetic drums and an echoing vocal, but the dominance of a warm bassline ultimately keeps it in the same sweet, contented mood as its counterparts. It rounds off a release that's largely a delight.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Made It Mine A2 Jam On Summer B1 Satisfaction B2 Skies The Limit