Deep Dish - Quincy

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  • It's been eight years since Deep Dish were in the studio together. Of course, both Dubfire and Sharam have hardly been idle in the meantime. Dubfire discovered minimal house and techno—much to the chagrin of the clubland underground—while Sharam took the opposite approach, dropping effervescent pop-dance, full of kitchen sink breakdowns and ravey chords. It'll come as little surprise, then, that "Quincy" falls somewhere between those two stalls. With a low-end rumble as its bedrock, the punchy kick/snare combo gives the track its drive as it heads to an (inevitable) acidic, arpeggiated breakdown. It may not linger too long in the memory, but it delivers exactly what you'd want from you veteran prog house producers. It's a more honest and palatable record than either one has released since they went their separate ways.
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      01. Quincy