Maceo Plex - Conjure One

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  • The lines between Maceo Plex and the tougher productions Erik Estornel makes as Maetrik are becoming increasingly blurred. Conjure One, the American artist's latest release on his own Ellum Audio, contains some of his more twisted offerings as Maceo Plex to date. "Conjure Drama" shuffles from foot to foot, its groaning bass slowly unfurling, as if waking from slumber, with a whirring air raid siren heightening the discomfort. Things take a significantly darker turn on "Conjure Bass" where, as the title suggests, bass dominates. A deep-throated guttural roar masses on the edge of the track, a gathering storm that eventually rushes into every available space. "Conjure Balearia" is a more immediate track that begins with a sample from a BBC announcer and a strangulated chord. It hustles along at breakneck speed, the bass humming like angry bees and a woody percussive rattle for company. Then, as if suddenly bathed in sunlight, Estornel introduces a moving, Bladerunner-like breakdown that hangs around for a minute then disappears as quickly as it came.
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      A Conjure Balaeria B1 Conjure Drama B2 Conjure Bass