Simian Mobile Disco & Roman Flügel - Hachinoko

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  • Simian Mobile Disco's kooky culinary tour, on which they've been joined by a rotating menu of producers, reaches the pudding course. So far their gastronomic expedition has inspired tracks named after roasted, booze-soaked songbirds, maggot-infested Sardinian cheese and fermented herring—Detroit Grand Pubahs' "Sandwiches" it ain't. "Hachinoko" (a Japanese dessert made with bee or wasp larvae,) finds SMD hooking up with Roman Flügel for a spot of sprawling, atmospheric minimal. Rather than opting for a linear groove, blips and beeps build with tantalizing intensity. The track's title is reflected in the waspish buzz that meanders through it. It's elegant analogue house cut with a pinch of malevolence. The first of two takes on "Izizukuri" (that's sashimi prepared with live fish) is a bouncing tech workout, constructed from pulsing synths and groaning bass. The "Alt Mix" takes the original and passes it through a dub techno filter, dotting it with flecks of quavering bass to create immersive head music.
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      A Hachinoko B Ikizukuri