Move D - fabric 74

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  • As you might guess from his music and his stage presence (or, failing that, his RA Exchange), David Moufang is a pretty laid-back guy. With his easy demeanor and take-it-as-it-comes philosophy, you could rely on him not to get flummoxed by something like, say, having to record a high-profile mix CD in a hurry. This is, by his own telling, what happened with fabric 74. "When they asked me I understood that someone had bailed out last minute," he said in an interview with DJ Broadcast. "I had very little time to do it." This may have been a blessing in disguise. For a mix CD, fabric 74 sounds refreshingly casual and off the cuff—a feeling that's well-suited to Move D. Stringing together 15 breezy house tracks, fabric 74 nicely captures the sound that's made Moufang a hit at clubs and festivals around the world. Mellow chords and thick kick drums are the backbone of the mix, giving the whole thing a sunny, outdoor party feel. New-ish deep house tracks from artists like Juju & Jordash, Christopher Rau and Smallpeople are offset by sassier house classics, such as Roy Davis Jr.'s "Unda Tha Sun" (a well-chosen opener) and Liberty City's "Some Lovin," a record that seems to have permanent tenure in Moufang's bag (and for good reason). Moufang keeps things close to full tilt throughout, occasionally letting the mix boil over with scorchers like Last Magpie's "Roots," a cheap but raucously fun UK house track armed with what's got to be one of last year's biggest basslines. fabric 74 has a lot going for it: it's upbeat, well-sequenced and full of records that are beyond reproach. Still, something ever-so-subtle is missing here. There was a notion floating around that the mix was based on Moufang's sets at Freerotation, but in reality it sounds far more conventional than that. In the right environment, Move D can be adventurous and totally individual, filling his sets with lovely curveballs like, in the case of last year's Freerotation, Al Green's "Love And Happiness," Aphex Twin's "Xtal" and the Rayko edit of "All Along The Watchtower." fabric 74 doesn't have that level of personality—it's fun, but it won't give you goosebumps. Not that fun is anything to scoff at.
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      01. Roy Davis Jr. - Under Tha Sun 02. Liz Torres - Your Love is All I Need (Dub Mix) 03. Liberty City - Some Lovin’ 04. M.ono - Holding Back California 05. Jamie Trench & Angus Jefford - Bringin’ Tha Heat 06. Earl Jeffers - The Goose 07. Darkman - Annihilating Rhythm (The Destruction Mix) 08. MD III - Shake That Body (K-Alexi Dubs You The Right Way Mix) 09. Dom 877 - Do It Right 10. Juju & Jordash - Loosey Goosey 11. Christo - New Jazzno 12. Last Magpie - Roots 13. Move D / D-Man - Luvbyrds 14. Willow - Feel Me 15. Smallpeople & Rau - Unke