Nitelife 16 - Rolando

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  • Rolando is a man of many styles, and as such makes a good choice for yet another volume in the NRK Nitelife series. But when they're of this standard as far as I'm concerned they can release one every week! There's twenty one tracks here, and a sense of momentum through the whole mix, as Rolando journeys through house and techno in as many forms as he can. To ease us in there's deep, cool stuff from Nick Holder, but it's not long until Gene Farris's 'Show Me A Man' is upping the dancefloor pressure. This segues into Agoria's 'Kofea', one of the most distinctive tracks here with a rounded drum sound and wicked bass - brilliant. Rolando then goes all soulful on us with a couple of deep house tunes, then turns to more driving techno from the likes of Joey Beltram - 'Extension' has a kick drum hard as nails, the synth riff breaking in fairly gently but mown down by the pounding beat. After cuts from Technasia, Model 500 and Gerald Mitchell the final euphoric chords from Jeff Mills' 'See This Way' are a perfect rounding-off. This is what mix albums should be all about - a logically planned set of tunes to get people on the dancefloor, and with enough variety to ensure they stay there.