Guy Gerber & Dixon - No Distance

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  • Whatever you make of Guy Gerber, you can't fault his work ethic. While most big artists struggle to balance touring with running a record label and making music, the Israeli has found time for an Ibiza residency, a new events outfit and a second label. The latter, Rumors, debuts this month with help from German producers Dixon and Lake People. As you'd expect from a collaboration between Guy Gerber and Dixon, two giants of the nouveau-progressive sound, "No Distance" feels like its been made for 5,000-plus crowds. But rather than striking you with the full infectious weight of, say, a "Gotham" or a "Scala," its swollen bass, shimmering melodies and vocal wailings come across as ordinary and overdone. Leipzig up-and-comer Lake People saves the release with his remix, presenting a sublimely tender slice of deep house. No single element is allowed to dominate the mix—the melodies, rather than fight for attention, soar in and out of one another in blissful unison.
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      A No Distance B No Distance (Lake People Remix)