Ion Ludwig - Mr. Nubilous

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  • Ion Ludwig's Mr. Nubilous is a minimal techno record for 2014—in the right hands, that's not an unwelcome proposition. But by paring things down here, this two-tracker feels too delicate, lacking the punch of Ludwig's previous work for the likes of Baby Ford's Trelik. "Polarized Colors" isn't the luminous affair its title might suggest: it's little more than a functional warm-up record, with some faint, off-key horns that drift in and out with little consequence. "No Man Can Be One Way You Should See" isn't much better. Its pitched-down vocal and horn outstay their welcome too soon on a nine-minute track that plateaus quickly and doesn't know what to do with itself thereafter. Ludwig is capable of much better: his previous Lick My Deck record, the dusky Clair Obscur, feels like a fully formed version of what he was aiming for here.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Polarized Colors B1 No Man Can Be One Way You Should See