Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie - KVK700

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  • This is the sixth EP Swedes Rudolf Nordstrom and Oscar Wedren have released on their own Karlovak label in a little over a year, and their purple patch shows no sign of abating. Both of the tracks here are elongated journeys that clock in at just under ten-minutes, and both continue the rollicking, house-meets-disco mood of their past releases. Opener "The Best Sense Is The Nonsense" initially leavens its pounding percussion with ethereal synth effects before a gracefully out-of time piano line and spoken-word voice samples arrive to complete an off-kilter sort of a banger. "Liberace's Fever," meanwhile, is as flamboyant as its title would suggest. A riot from the off, it descends in a hail of tumbling disco strings, echoing vocal snippets, party-hearty brass and a turbo-charged bassline that propels it forth with the kind of vivid melee normally reserved for Mardi Gras.
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      A The Best Sense Is The Nonsense B Liberace's Fever!