Kobosil - MDR010

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  • Kobosil debuted on Ostgut Ton early last year with a remix of Barker & Baumecker's "Silo." From there the Berlin producer found a home among the label's extended family, releasing an EP on its sub-label, Unterton. His latest, for Marcel Dettmann's label, suggests the association will continue for a while yet, and listening to his music it's easy to see why. Kobosil offers subtly fresh perspectives on the imposing Berghain sound, doing a number of things with the bleak industrial atmospheres and mechanistic percussion of the form. MDR010 is no different. "Ein"'s groove periodically drops a kick drum, slipping into a loping steppers' feel; it's an intriguing device that is sadly underexplored. Closer "There" is a pleasing, if not exactly wild, bit of sewer-system ambience. Elsewhere the deviations are more subtle. The roomy, hiss-laden percussion on "Asle" means that, instead of evoking vast warehouse spaces, there's a certain low-ceilinged claustrophobia to it. In "V762 Cas" the kick is sunk low beneath the hi-hat and synths, lending it a patient, brooding sort of menace. On "Path" Kobosil indulges more conventionally thunderous urges, too. And "Oath"'s squelchy synth lines are almost cartoonishly sinister, but not melodramatic enough to convince us that their creator sees the funny side. But even in its weaker moments, MDR010 displays a refreshing clarity and directness.
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      A1 Ein A2 Asle A3 V762 Cas B1 Path B2 Oath B3 There