Adriatique - Midnight Walking

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  • Swiss duo Adriatique were almost the unofficial faces of Culprit last year thanks to the success of Face To Face, their debut EP for the LA label. The release revealed a knack for moody, low-lit house tracks with striking vocal contributions, and this release nails a similar trick. Two-time Maxxi Soundsystem collaborator Name One's subtly rueful guest vocal on the title track sticks in the mind. Over a 120 BPM backing of gently insistent drums and hats and night-train synth effects, his smoky, longing vocal ("I've been wondering where you are...wondering who you're with...and if you ever think of me") expresses controlled but still-pressing grief to spine-tingling effect. The package also includes a dub that'll be of use to DJs while lacking the original's most striking selling point. On the flip, "Rolling Stone" pairs a distorted, titular female vocal loop with far-in-the-mix percussion flickers and bassy horns that wouldn't be out of place on a Ten Walls record. It doesn't have the same emotional dimension as "Midnight Walking" but it packs a punch that recalls several of the best moments on Chloe's The Waiting Room album.
  • Tracklist
      A Midnight Walking feat. Name One B1 Rolling Stone B2 Midnight Walking (Dub)